Health Initiative

“Sariram aadya khalu dharma-sadhanam – the body is indeed the instrument of dharma.” Hence, making our physical and mental bodies available for helping the soul fulfill his/her journey of life gracefully is our life mission. Nothing is worth poisoning our bodies with stress and junk foods – nothing is worth losing our health!”  Ammaji

In the Health initiative we will explore the concepts of the human body as explained by the Rishis (seers) in the Vedic texts. We will learn aspects of yoga and Ayurveda which are relevant to maintaining both physical and mental health, and look at the different aspects of vayu (living force) which provides the basis of all life. We will examine the Ayurvedic concepts of the three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) and how their interactions lead to a particular body constitution. As imbalance can lead to disease, we’ll consider simple techniques to avoid certain foods based on the constitution of one’s body.

We will also learn various techniques of meditation to keep the body and mind in balance and study some aspects of herbs in food preparation as well as their impact on health. We will also study the relevance of ancient medical knowledge compiled by the Rishis in the modern context. Finally, we will share healthy habits as learned from the Itihasas and Puranas.

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