Purna Vidya

Knowing yourself

The fundamental desire of every human being is to be happy. All our efforts and our energies, whether we are young, old, rich, poor, male, female, Westerner, Indian or Asian, are based on this desire. In spite of this, we discover that whatever happiness we experience as a result of our efforts is impermanent. Like the wind, it comes and it goes.

At the same time, the message of the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India, is that true, unwavering happiness is our very nature; our true self. Throughout the ages and into modern times, sages and teachers have maintained and shared the Vedic vision of permanent happiness.

"Like the finger directing your eyes to the moon, the teacher and the teaching help you see what you’ve been searching for. Come. Find your Self here." - Ammaji

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Happy New Year 2018 – Swamiji and Ammaji

Live in the Innocence and Trust of Isvara and let the divine play the flute of your life ! You can never fail, for in His music lies His cosmic dance. Dance to His music and celebrate life ! Happy New Year 2018 - Swamiji and Ammaji New Year greetings...[Read More]

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  • I never thought that stories like Panchathantras can be so effective. Understood that cultural values can take you to Divinity. I am inspired to take up [..]
    - Gnanam Selvaraj

  • Very homely, peaceful and comfortable; very very safe and serene. The narration by Ammaji was so wonderful and eloquent. I definitely gained clarity in some areas but [..]
    - Annapoorni

  • This was a good experience. The ambience of the place is great. Very pleasant weather. Serene & a quiet place, which clears your mind and [..]
    - SreeLatha M

  • Beautiful locality, serene atmosphere. Listening to Ammaji, I go into silence and experience Grace. I have learned how to go about  imparting knowledge of our [..]
    - Punitha Ramasamy

  • Your impression: Selfless education is the ulterior motive of Purna Vidya education. Experience is awesome. Yes, really good clarity on values and our understanding of [..]
    - Mookambika Rathinam

  • The ashram is a wonderful place of learning where one can learn things which cannot be learnt anywhere else. I had an insight into the [..]
    - Haimavathi Subramanian

  • Thanks to you and the Universe for your presence! With deep love [..]
    - Franziske

  • Thank you very much for your teachings. The last few days were really amazing! Love and light. [..]
    - Daniela

  • I would like to thank you for such a beautiful time. These five days were very intensive and so wonderful that I really believe this [..]
    - Tamara, Munich, Germany

  • Thank you so much for your efforts to come here and offer us your teachings. It is way more than I expected! [..]
    - Flo, Munich, Germany

  • Thank you so much for the last five days. Listening to you, being a part of your German Munich group in Vedanta . . . [..]
    - Suzi, Munich, Germany

  • You prepared the ground for our spiritual journey. Thank you for the inspirational insights and the precious time we could share with you! [..]
    - The Munich Workshop Group

  • I don’t remember the details about how this week of Bhagavad Gita course crossed my way, but after having had the pleasure to follow your [..]
    - Monika, Munich

  • Thank you from the depths of my heart. Through your teaching it is like tasting everlasting brightness; freedom, one more step in the direction of [..]
    - Antje, Munich

  • The purpose of me joining the retreat was to get away from the mad rush I was experiencing for a while now. After the week [..]
    - Satiya, Singapore

  • When I left Singapore on the 30th of May, all I knew was that I was on a spiritual journey and not a tourist holiday. [..]
    - Chitra

  • For me, this is a big dream coming true. I went to India four years ago, and accidentally found myself in an ashram in the [..]
    - Helga

  • I attended a Vedanta retreat on 'Sadhana Pancakam' with Ammaji in Uttarkashi in June 2015 and was extremely impressed with the way she presented the [..]
    - Prem Srila

  • I enjoyed my stay with Mother Nature while at Tapasyalayam, and was truly blessed by the opportunity to participate in the Ganga Dashahara Festival at [..]
    - Seetha Lakshmi from Singapore

  • Spending dedicated time living with the divine energy of Ma Ganga, and experiencing the simple life of the Himalayan people at the festival of Ganga [..]
    - Rangaraju Ragunthan from UK

  • I felt a strong bond with the Himalayan people -- they made me feel like I had come home!  The Q&A session with Swamiji opened [..]
    - Shanthi Muralikrishnan, from UK

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