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Purna Vidya, literally means ‘Complete Knowledge’, or Knowledge of the Complete Being. Both meanings refer to the Spiritual Knowledge of the Vedic tradition, which is Advaita Vedanta.

Purna Vidya, although offers traditional teachings of Vedanta through the sacred scriptural texts, it has unique programs of self-transformation and self-evolution, based on the message that ‘All that is here, is the One Universal Truth’. These programs have been tailor-made to specific target groups, such that the Spiritual Truths may be contextually actualized in one’s life. One is awakened to the truth of the soul so that one may discover one’s inner peace and silence!

“A proper understanding of ‘Who am I’ draws one to redefine one’s pursuits in life, such that one remains awakened to conscious activity based on one’s truth. This deters the person from being distracted into the many false charms of materialistic pursuits that promise a dream which is utopian!”


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